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Do you have coverage for routine dental examinations and cleanings or dental emergencies?

The oral health of refugees has recently become a major priority in Canada since the immigrant population is particularly susceptible to dental problems. Oral illnesses and malformations are the most prevalent health issues among newly arrived refugees in Campbellford.

Campbellford Dental Centre provides dental care for refugees in Campbellford, Ontario. We offer a comprehensive and professional range of dental services for refugees both cosmetic and emergency treatments. Our dental services include teeth extraction, same-day tooth replacement, treatment of bleeding gums, fillings, dental emergency, root canal therapy and much more.

Root Canal Therapy for Refugees

Endodontics, often known as root canal therapy, is a frequent yet challenging dental procedure that requires the training and experience of a dentist. For refugees in Campbellford and the nearby areas, look to Campbellford Dental Centre to provide painless root canal therapy.

Wisdom Tooth Removal for Refugees

Impacted wisdom teeth need to be surgically removed before they cause serious dental issues. Refugees can get in touch with Campbellford Dental Centre to schedule a comfortable wisdom teeth extraction appointment at our dental clinic.

Fixing Refugees’ Cracked Tooth in an Emergency

Deep dental cracks may result in excruciating dental pain and necessitate an emergency dental visit. For refugees, immediate cracked tooth restoration enables them to handle any complications brought on by a broken or cracked tooth. Contact Campbellford Dental Centre to get your damaged tooth properly treated and know that you can always rely on our dentists.

Oral Surgery for Refugees

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure an oral surgeon performs in the mouth and jaw. Campbellford Dental Centre offers a variety of oral surgery procedures in a comfortable setting. Campbellford Dental Centre is a recognized dental office in Campbellford that utilizes the latest cutting-edge dental technology and high quality equipment.

Kid’s Emergency Dentist for Refugees

Dental emergencies are distressing for both adults and children, despite being very prevalent. Children, on the other hand, are more at risk and need immediate emergency dental care. The goal of Campbellford Dental Centre in Campbellford is to provide emergency dental care for children. Our emergency dentist for children is here to treat your children, no matter what dental emergency they are facing.


Respected migrants seeking dental care in Campbellford frequently have inquiries regarding our dental clinic’s dental services and associated topics. To meet your needs, we have offered concise responses to some of your commonly asked questions. Remember that you can reach out to our office to learn more about the refugee dentistry treatments offered at Campbellford Dental Centre.

What dental treatments are offered to refugees at your dental clinic?

At Campbellford Dental Centre, we work hard to provide patients with a wide range of dental services in a friendly, stress-free setting. Beyond your expectations, our dental team cares about your oral health. To get you treated as soon as possible, we now provide same-day appointments and consultations. When it comes to providing refugees in Campbellford with high-quality dental care, Campbellford Dental Centre is at the top of the list.

How can a refugee make an appointment?

To make an appointment at Campbellford Dental Centre, you can either call us or complete the online patient form. We will schedule a visit at your earliest convenience and provide flexible appointment slots. Our team of dentists are prepared to provide the refugees in Campbellford and the surrounding area with the highest calibre dental care. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today.

Our warm, friendly and caring staff will always be available to welcome you and your family when you visit our Campbellford dental office.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional care. Please consult your physician or dentist for advice and diagnoses so you can be properly treated for your specific situation.

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