Emergency Dental Care Services

You may be experiencing a dental emergency in Campbellford when you are feeling extreme distress as a result of an injury, an infection or perhaps a bite that went completely wrong. Perhaps you may have lost a filling, a crown or a veneer.

In case there is an emergency, don’t wait! Contact our Campbellford dental office in order to make plans for an urgent consultation. If you’re uncertain as to what constitutes an urgent dental problem, simply ask us. We’d rather hear from you and advise you that an immediate visit is not necessary rather then not learn about your dental situation.

Below are some common problems that may require emergency dental care.

Tooth pain, Campbellford dentist

The occurrence of a toothache could be overwhelming for some people. Patients will often resort to painkiller as a quick fix to help alleviate the pain. Painkillers do not provide a solution to your dental problem – it’s important to see a dentist immediately to diagnose the cause of the problem.

Chipped / broken tooth, Campbellford dentist

If you are suffering from a chipped or broken tooth, we recommend emergency dental care to treat the problem before it worsens. Your Downsview dentist will evaluate the extent and the condition of the chipped or broken tooth and apply an appropriate restoration procedure based on the examination.

Tooth Injury, Campbellford dentist

If you have had an injury which has resulted in your tooth falling out, a dental visit will be required to evaluate the damage caused by your injury. The dentist will make a comprehensive dental examination and develop a treatment plan to help restore your teeth and your smile.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional care. Please consult your physician or dentist for advice and diagnoses so you can be properly treated for your specific situation.

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Canada Canadian Dental Insurance Plan (CDCP)

We are accepting the Government of Canada Canadian Dental Insurance Plan (CDCP). The CDCP is a new Canadian Dental Care Plan where individuals that do not have access to an employer provided or private dental insurance plan can apply for. As an important part of dental care and overall health, the Government of Canada recognizes the expenses that can be associated with dental treatment and is committed to helping Canadians receive the dental treatments that are required while also making it more affordable.

The CDCP is offered to help low income families who do not have dental insurance by covering some costs associated with dental services for families with net income that is under $90,000.