Oral Hygiene

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Oral Hygiene

The most important thing to do if you want to keep your gorgeous smile for a long time is to make good oral hygiene your number one habit. Patients are prone to getting cavities and gum disease, either of these two issues can lead to serious oral health problems in the future, if left untreated. As you age, there are some things that you should continue to practice to maintain your oral health.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice per day using fluoride. This will decrease your chances of getting gingivitis.
  • Floss your teeth at least once or twice daily ensuring to get the areas between your teeth and under your gum line; if you leave this substance, it can turn into tartar. If tartar develops, the only way to remove it is to visit your dentist or hygienist for a professional cleaning.
  • Watch your diet, primarily when it comes to foods that are high in sugar or starch, and foods that are sticky. Snacking between meals can cause bacteria to produce acids that attack to your tooth enamel.
  • Ensure to book an appointment routinely for dental check ups and professional cleaning.
  • As we age, it is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Oral health is one of the most important factors to being healthy as an adult. Otherwise it can cause serious conditions such as periodontal disease, which can cause teeth to loosen and fall out into them

We need to make sure that we use precautionary measures to maintain healthy dental care as adults. Ensure to maintain a good cleaning schedule at home as well as book regular check ups and professional cleaning so that you can catch any problems early, should they arise. We are here to help, book an appointment with today.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional care. Please consult your physician or dentist for advice and diagnoses so you can be properly treated for your specific situation.

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