Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment in Campbellford

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy (also referred to as endodontic treatment) is when the inside nerve of a tooth is cleaned out and is replaced with a seal that prevents infection from getting back inside of the root.

When completing a root canal treatment we remove any bacteria, and organic fragments that were left behind by the breakdown of nerve tissue. Once this is completed, we fill the area and seal off the inside of the tooth so that bacteria can’t get back inside to cause more damage.

Once the root canal is completed, the tooth has lost its nerve tissue and can be prone to breakage and fissures; we suggest adding a crown in order to increase the strength of the tooth.

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Canada Canadian Dental Insurance Plan (CDCP)

We are accepting the Government of Canada Canadian Dental Insurance Plan (CDCP). The CDCP is a new Canadian Dental Care Plan where individuals that do not have access to an employer provided or private dental insurance plan can apply for. As an important part of dental care and overall health, the Government of Canada recognizes the expenses that can be associated with dental treatment and is committed to helping Canadians receive the dental treatments that are required while also making it more affordable.

The CDCP is offered to help low income families who do not have dental insurance by covering some costs associated with dental services for families with net income that is under $90,000.